Naturally Treated Organic Radish 250 Seeds

  • Organic Radish Seed Pack Contents: 100gms seeds per packet

  • It takes around 2 - 3 days to germinate and 30 - 35 days to harvest.

  • One of the easy vegetables to grow with almost no pest/diseases

  • Consumption of Radish can regulate blood pressure and help you fight cold and cough. Also is helps detoxify our body.

  • Can be sown between September and January.

  • Refer to planting guide behind the pack and use Purna Organic Maintenance kit for pests control and Nutrient supply.

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Radish comes in a wide range of colour variants, such as white, red, and purple, and are a common ingredient in dishes around the globe. They are great to eat raw, and go perfectly with salads. Radish is also commonly used in various traditional Indian curries.

Radishes being a lot juicy, also possess a great deal of health benefits, particularly in preventing jaundice, piles, urinary disorder, and cardiovascular deficiencies. Usually, the leaves, roots, and flowers of radish are consumed, and are found to act as a powerful detoxifies your body. 

Planting Guide:

  1. Radish seeds can be sown outdoors. Sow the seeds directly into the soil or planting medium such as Purna Mitti. For radish seeds germination, it requires a constant temperature of 55 to 75 degree Fahrenheit. Radishes also require a good amount of sunlight for optimal growth.
  2. Germination between 3 - 5 days time
  3. Ready for Harvest between 25 - 35 days time.
  4. Radish grows well in well drained soil. Avoid nitrogen rich manure as it encourage lush green leafs rather than crispy & tasty roots.
  5. Radishes will bolt, if the soil is too dry and will be too pungent to eat. Radish will split and rot, if the soil is too moist.
  6. Easy to Grow no fuss or no pests.  You may use the natural pest control remedies or plant maintenance kits to protect your crops effectively. 
  7. Customer Support: If you have any doubts regarding the seeds or any aspect of planting them, just
    • email us at
    • Vsit us
    • Call:+91 80 26481835

    Remember to provide ample number of images to substantiate your issues.

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