Purna Mitti - Set of 3 bags / 10 Kg each

Purna MItti is a ready to use potting mix. No soil/additives required. All you need to do is to keep the Purna Mitti in the planter box and grow the seeds of your choice.

This Pack Contain 30 kg Purna Mitti = 3 bags of 10 Kg each


  • Has optimum moisture and soil binding capacity.

  • Excellent for Organic gardening particularly vegetables

  • Contains Neem cake and other Bio pesticide make the plant pest resistant.

  • Pongamia cake and other Bio fertilizer (vermicompost) to give essential nutrient to plant.

  • Light weight, ideal for container gardening and terrace gardening.

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 What is Purna Organic Mitti? How can i use it?

Purna Mitti, is a ready to grow potting mix with 100% organic construction. Includes various organic fertilizer prepared with unique combination of a variety of plant growth media, various organic cakes, minerals, abundant microorganisms and coco-peat.

It is specially formulated as an all-purpose manure to build a nourishing environment at the roots. It is a unique plant growth media, developed by I Go Organics. It does not contain soil and hence is lightweight. This allows you to use the Purna Mitti in containers for terrace gardening. Easy ready mix ideal for successful germination of seeds in your vegetable garden.

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