Organic Growth Promoter - Purna Grow+ 5 Ltrs

  • Purna Growth+ boosts growth & resistance in plants, It cures Infested plants as well.

  • It can be used on plants any time from seed until they are harvested.

  • Treat the seeds before they're sowed, for seedling root dip when transplanted with Growth+

  • Its helps maintain yield during the transition from chemical farm inputs to Organic inputs.

  • The product is 100% natural and organic

  • Completely eco-friendly and is cost effective

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 Purna Growth+ 

Also known as Panchagavya. This used from seedling until they are harvested. Cures already infested plants and other living organisms. It is used to treat the seeds before they're sowed, for seedling root-dip when transplanted, and to be sprayed on the plants afterward. It helps to boost growth and reduces disease risk due to the concentration of the good organisms on plants. It also helps with maintaining the yield levels while transitioning from chemical farming to organic. It improves the tolerance of the plants to drought. Continuous use helps plants build immunity and can cure plants that are already infested. 100% Natural & organic. Cost effective as well.

Usage: Mix 20 ml (2 caps full) concentrate with 1 Liter water to cover 24 Sqft area.

Caution: Do not sprinkle with hand. Always use a pressure Hand Garden Sprayer for uniform spray and best results.

Customer Support: If you have any doubts regarding the seeds or any aspect of planting them, just

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