Naturally Treated Organic Coriander Seeds (20 Grms)

  • Organic Coriander seed Packet content: 20gm Coriander organic seeds per packet. 100% Natural & Organic

  • An easy to grow herb, Sowing period June-October. Perfect for windowsill gardening

  • Germination takes 7-14 days and is ready for harvest between 30-35 days

  • Coriander is a complete package of nutrients and remedy to many ailments.

  • Easy & Fast growing plant for kitchen gardening. Great Ornamental value too!

  • Refer to planting guide behind the pack and use Purna Organic Maintenance kit for pests control and Nutrient supply.

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Coriander/ Kothmir/Hara Dhaniya is widely used spice in almost all Indian cuisines. It is a complete package of nutrients such as eleven components of essential oils, ascorbic acid (better known as Vitamin C), minerals, and important vitamins.

This plant is globally known as a remedy for various health ailments including skin inflammation, skin disorder, cholesterol, diarrhea, high blood pressure, mouth ulcers, and many more.

Growing coriander at home is easy and fast also a great way to reap the benefits of coriander leaves and coriander seeds. The benefit of buying multi-cut coriander seeds is that you can harvest the leaves from 3 to 4 times from a single crop.

Planting Guide:

  1. Coriander grows well in dry and cool weather, but does not tolerate frost.
  2. The seeds start germinating in about 1-2 weeks after sowing.
  3. Watering should be done at regular intervals of 2-3 days.
  4. The plants can be harvested when they are 30-35 days old.
  5. Powdery mildew, wilt, and grain mould are some of the diseases that can affect your crop.

For enhanced plant protection, buy natural pest control remedies or plant maintenance kitsfrom

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